A simple ceremony performed at one of our beautiful spots requires no rehearsals or planning. This service is for the couple with either no guests or guests that number less than 20. The brief ceremony allows the exchange of simple wedding vows, with or without rings, and the pronouncement of marriage.

Our most popular Henderson, KY locations for small and simple ceremonies.
Worsham Hall chapel seating chapel wedding
Worsham Hall & Worsham Wedding Chapel, 215 N Elm, Henderson, KY

Worsham Wedding Chapel is perfect for a small or spontaneous wedding. $100 fee includes a lovely ceremony in beautiful surroundings with seating for 20, and the officiate's fee is included! All the bride and groom need is the license.

Other choices for a small and simple ceremony include:
Pems Bridal fireside wedding spanish courtyard

Gallery, Gifts & Bridal

311 N Main, Henderson, KY

Intimate Fireside Wedding
(no guests and we provide
2 witnesses)
Outdoor Courtyard Wedding
(limited seating) $100

Your Location:
Officiant fee with marriage at your local Henderson area location: $100. 
Travel expenses are negotiated on an individual basis.

Couples must first obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk
in the county and state where you are to be married
The Henderson County Clerk's Office hours are as follows:
8 am - 4:30 pm Mon -Thu; 8 am - 6 pm Fri (holiday weekends close at 4:30 pm)
Phone: (270) 826-3906

The perfect location for larger wedding parties and receptions is also at Worsham Hall.

wedding reception hall wedding setting

For a larger space that will accommodate 150 guests - Worsham Wedding Reception Hall.
Worsham Hall is a beautiful location for wedding receptions and dinners.

wedding cake wedding dinner